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A Disturbed Night

I should have posted this last night, but the PowerBook battery was flat, and I didn't put it back on to charge in time. We thought that everything was starting during the evening, with Jill getting what she can only describe as contractions. These continued through the night, but stopped this morning, so I've left her dozing. Needless to say, it was a bad night's sleep for both of us.

This morning has dawned a mucky, wet, dismal day that even put the cat off going outside. I don't think that we will get up to a whole load of things, but what we'll do really depends upon developments. I do need to nip into town to drop off a DVD which we watched yesterday afternoon – Superman Returns – and also pop into the bookshop.

Jill's parents went home yesterday, her dad starting to suffer with a bad cold. I think this had prompted them to leave earlier than they'd planned. After they'd gone, we watched the film, had a big falling out with the cat after he decided to savage Jill, and then I had a play with iCalamus.

The House

I've a draft short article which I knocked together on how to use the Nemesis RPG's sanity system in the Call of Cthulhu RPG. It's only about two pages long, so I thought that it would make a good test bed for the DTP package. I went quite far with it last night, but in the end I called it a day, as the image I was using as a backdrop didn't come out the way I wanted. I need to take it back into Photoshop and tone it down so it is lighter, and also mirror it for the facing page. The original shot was one that Jill's dad took of an old house on the Wirral, which I doctored in a (free) package called Image Tricks. I wanted to go for a horror style theme to it and I think that it's worked.