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2007 and all that...

Looking back at the last entry, I've just realised my mistake... It's Monday, and it's a Bank Holiday, so of course I'm not back in work today! And I won't be in tomorrow, as Jill will have her internal if nothing has developed by then. So that's that then.

We were in shock last night, as there was a party in the Close with fireworks and loud music. One of the things we've noticed in the four years we've lived here has been that New Year was dead, totally different to Liverpool and the the Wirral. But last night the next door-but-one neighbours had a party. We'd have first footed them, except for the fact that Jill was ready for bed. But it was great to see some life in the close! Of course, the cat hated the fireworks!

Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR! We'll see what today brings...

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