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Architectural Efficiencies?

I've been pondering the best way to address some architectural inefficiencies in how I interface my PDAs together with the computers, as it can get somewhat confusing, needing triple syncs at some points.

I currently have two master calendars - one on Outlook Exchange at work, which I sync to my (hazardous area rated) Palm T|x. The second is on my iMac G4 under iCal, and I sync this to the T|x and also to my Centro. Keeping this together is somewhat awkward.

Anyway, my musings are as follows; Sync my work calendar and my iMac iCal to Google Calendar (gCal hereafter) automatically (which can be done, although the OS X 10.4 way is a little more awkward AFAIK). My gCal becomes the master calendar, which is good, as Jill needs access to this from outside work now she has moved on. I then only sync the T|x to the work calendar (except for perhaps occasional backup sync) and the Centro to iCal. The rest is handled by gCal, which in theory should simplify things... Be interesting to see if it's better.

The Centro was annoying today - it glitched and got caught in a 'boot reset loop', which was a pain. I suspect that it was caused by an error related to an SMS and voicemail arriving simultaneously and corrupting a database, but after a hard reset and selective re-install of databases and preferences it's happy again.

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