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I've just had an email from one of my relatives (Hi Dawn!) which likened these posts to a soap opera, so I'm going to do my best at keeping to that standard!

Today was very, very frustrating. At one point, I was even contemplating getting agitated and raising my voice and demanding to know what was going on. But it passed... I guess it was the tiredness and the mixed messages. I went home last night in the knowledge that today was likely to be it - either Jill would have another shot of the hormone gel, or it'd be the drip, or she'd start herself. Unfortunately, they had a rush last night and the delivery suite was nearly full, so the last thing that they wanted to do was to add another lady in labour to the mix.

We didn't find out about this until lunchtime. I'd struggled out of bed after a bad night – Jill not being there and the cat deciding to kamikaze me at 4 in the morning – and got back to the hospital for 8.30am. JIll had a check on the monitor – aka machine that goes ping – when it was quieter at 11am, and the midwife mentioned that they had been busy that night, and they wouldn't have anyone to look further at us until the afternoon. At 1.00pm we had another check, and again it looked like we'd be going somewhere in an hour or two. However, I guess it ended up too late, and they finally confirmed at 10.45pm that nothing would be happening until tomorrow... so I headed home to see the cat and get some sleep.

We agreed I'll go in later tomorrow, and get some of the stuff around the house done that needs doing. I'm glad of this because I'm shattered! I know, all you sage hands who've had kids before will be thinking that "you ain't seen nothing yet if you think that is sleep-loss from kids". I know, but permit this moan for a bit!

Anyway, that's enough for now. Hopefully, tomorrow will show some progress.