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Sleep Deprivation

I'd foolishly thought that sleep deprivation began after the baby arrived, but have been discovering the truth that it starts a lot earlier than that over the last few weeks!

Jill was very restless when she was first pregnant, but settled down. The last fortnight or so have been interesting as she has been restless, but not woken up with it. Rather, she's done a great job at waking me every one to two hours, which is a killer as usually I go straight back to sleep before I think of using the spare bedroom! It happened again tonight, and I feel shattered. In some ways I'm looking forward to the work trip just south of Gatwick as – hopefully – I'll get two good night's rest.

The weekend saw some serious work in the house - most of the study has been relocated from where it was (now to become the nursery) into a smaller room (which used to have the 'library' and spare sofa-bed) to allow us to get on with painting etc. Slowly, everything seems to be coming together.

I was invited out next weekend to see Tom and play some boardgames, but decided to cancel (even though it would've been a great time to try Hammer of the Scots or Crusader Rex face to face). Jill had said yes, but it was pretty clear that she wanted me to get the other room (and the related huge pile of eBay stuff) sorted out. Hopefully, I'll get another chance to actually play some of these kewl games soon!

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