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A Day Later...

Jill and the Dyson!

Ahh, the perils of the handheld Dyson! It certainly looks like a more intimidating weapon than that used on Christmas Day's Doctor Who Special. This is the scary pose I mentioned Jill striking yesterday!

No real news on the baby front again, beyond more abdominal pains 'like pins and needles' this evening. We're in to the hospital tomorrow afternoon for the appointment that we were told to pre-book, so should know more if nothing has started before. We're very much into the waiting period now. I'm hoping we have a quiet night like we did last night - both of us slept the best we had for a while.

Spent part of the day finishing Terry Pratchett's "Going Postal", which was good fun. It seemed to have parallels with Enron and a number of other businesses when the bean counters take control and loose contact with the product or service they make or provide. Great fun, but no standout lines that are likely to jump into my email sig files, unlike 'The Truth'. I'm starting 'Cavalcade' by Alison Sinclair now to switch back to SF for the first time in a while. Sinclair wrote one of my favourite books of the last few years – 'Blueheart' – which I'm hoping sets a standard that this lives up to. If not, it can go on Bookcrossing. On checking, I've read 92 or so books this year, and I think that breaking 3 figures isn't looking that likely in 2006. But never say never...

We had a drive out today as well, with a walk by the River Wharfe, and then a trip to Harrogate. Jessops was open when we passed, so I got a UV filter to protect the lens on the FZ-50, and a decent case for it. I also shot a few pictures to try it out a bit more, but the light was pretty depressing. I concentrated on shape and form, and grabbed a few family shots, but nothing really leapt out at me. However, it was nice to be using a decent camera again. I forgot how different an SLR style camera is to a compact, and the lens on the Lumix is excellent, making me think far more about framing than I have done for a while. Interestingly, I keep on finding myself shooting around a lengthy of 135mm, which was my favourite fixed lengthy lens on my old Canon AE1-P.

Anyway, that's enough for now. Perhaps there will be some real news when I next write.

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